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ActiveNet Online Registration

Features of ActiveNet Registration - West Shore Rec uses the ActiveNet registration system which is a web-based software that allows you to:

  • View activities with real-time information such as spaces available and date or time changes

  • Create and update your own account

  • View your (and your family's) participation history

  • Access a custom calendar to confirm the dates of your activity

  • Enroll online* anytime of day!

  • See an example of Customer Account options

* Please be aware there is a convenience fee of 7.91% plus $.54 to enroll online with the minimum fee being $2.

Create your account now and you will be ready for the busy registration season - by entering your name, birth date and contact information ahead of time, the time to enroll in activities is shortened no matter which method you use to register - online, telephone, in-person, or mail.

Visit West Shore Rec's ActiveNet site by clicking on the button below and learn how easy it is to create your account and activate the extra benefits!

ActiveNet Account Example
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