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All aquatic programs are held at the West Shore Natatorium
(unless stated otherwise) located inside Red Land High School.


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Family & Multi-Age Activities

Whee Swim

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Adult Activities

Aqua Fit Outdoors (at Lemoyne Pool)


Rec Swim Schedule
  • Sundays, 2:00 - 5:00 pm
  • January 7 - May 19* 
  • Pay at the door: $5 per person (age 2 and under are free)
    • Please bring small bills or exact cash amount​
*Please note - No Rec Swim during June thru August. Other dates are subject to change for staffing, emergency, maintenance or other reasons outside our control.  If Rec Swim is cancelled for any reason, a notification message will be recorded on our phone system up to 1 hour before the program.  We suggest checking the message (717-920-9515 and press 3) before traveling to the pool.
Lap Swim Schedule
  • Mondays & Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm
  • February 26 - May 15
  • Pay at the door:  $2 per person (limited capacity)
    • Please bring small bills or exact cash amount​

Swim Floats used during swimming lessons (optional purchase - we also provide them at class)
-  After purchase you will need to remove one of the foam cubes. We can assist with this adjustment if necessary the first night of class. 
-  ​We only use/allow 3 foam pieces per cube for instructional purposes. They are sold with 4 separate foam squares per swim float.

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Swim Lessons

Skills Checklists

Youth Swim Lessons

Youth 5-15 years are encouraged to learn water safety and enhance their water enjoyment, progressing from level 1 through 6 in the American Red Cross water safety program.

  • Participants must pass their current level before registering for the next one.

Lifeguard Review (Recertification)
  • Must be a current American Red Cross Lifeguard with a certification that is 30 days or less beyond the expiration date (beyond 30 days you must enroll in the full Lifeguard Certification class - no exceptions)
  • Must be able to successfully complete the lifeguard swim test (listed above) immediately upon arrival at the first class
  • Anyone who fails the swim test will receive a refund minus a $50 administrative fee.  
  • After reviewing all skills, students must successfully demonstrate proper techniques and pass the written exams to obtain recertification.
  • Bring your CPR Mask, whistle, swimsuit, towel, water and lunch to every class
Class Dates:  
  • Saturday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm 
  • April 27
  • Cost:  $154;  discounted resident rate: $119
Lifeguard Certification
To participate in the Lifeguarding course participants must:​
  • Be at least 15 years old on or before the final scheduled class of the Lifeguarding course.
  •  Successfully complete the two prerequisite swimming skills evaluations:

    Prerequisite 1: Complete a swim-tread-swim sequence without stopping to rest:
    ▪ Jump into the water and totally submerge, resurface then swim 150 yards using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both. (Swimming on the back or side is not permitted. Swim goggles are allowed)
    Maintain position at the surface of the water for 2 minutes by treading water using only the legs
    ▪ Swim 50 yards using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both

    Prerequisite 2: Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds:
    ▪ Starting in the water, swim 20 yards. (The face may be in or out of the water. Swim goggles are not allowed).

    ▪ Surface dive (feet-first or head-first) to a depth of 7 – 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object.
    ▪ Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to return to the starting point, holding the object at the surface with both hands and keeping the face at or near the surface.
    ▪ Exit the water without using a ladder or steps.

  • The mandatory swim testing (mentioned above) will take place immediately upon arrival the first day of class.
  • Anyone who fails the swim test will receive a refund minus a $50 administrative fee.  No refunds will be given after the first day of class.
  • This is a blended learning course where most of the classwork must be completed online prior to attending the first in-person class.
  • Upon passing written and practical exams, you will also be certified in First Aid and CPR for the professional rescuer.
  • Bring your swimsuit, towel, water and lunch to every class
  • Each participant will receive a CPR mask and whistle after the first class
Water Safety Instructor Certification
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must be able to swim strokes at a Red Cross level 4 competency (see skill levels listed above)
  • Must attend all classes and complete online coursework before the first in-person class
  • Students will need to either buy, download or print out instructor candidate manual
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